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Many Hats

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The Jackillacs new album, Many Hats, released on November 26, 2018. This much anticipated collection of music is full of new, original songs by the Jackillacs. Laden with analog rock and traditional country elements, this album is already creating a lot of buzz around the world. Get your copy today.


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Other News

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the Jackillacs rerelease first album

The Jackillas recently took their first studio album, "We Are the Jackillacs" back to Green Fly Studios for remixing and remastery. The result is a 10 song LP that has two more previously unreleased tracks, "Still Calling" and "Inside I'm Cryin'". Even if you have heard the first album, the two additional bonus tracks are well worth getting the remastered edition.


Jackillacs begin work on next studio album

The Jackillacs are currently working on their third studio album, set for release sometime in 2019.